Swing Commanders’ Triumphant Return to the Folk Hall!

What an amazing event we had this weekend, with a whirlwind of dance, song and music sweeping through the Folk Hall. It was fantastic to be able to finally welcome the Swing Commanders back after such a long time – they bring so much fun, humour and warmth, while at the same time they are such talented musicians. We have put together a video we think you might enjoy, so sit back and allow yourself to be carried back to a different age.

This event had been a long time coming. To give it a bit of context, we need to go back to early 2020, when we announced that Swing Commanders would be coming to the Folk Hall on the 2nd of May 2020. We were so excited to have them because they have always created a great atmosphere when they have previously performed here. Sadly, as we entered March the global situation was becoming increasingly uncertain, what with Covid 19 coming along and with the UK having to go into lockdown. As the weeks went by it became increasingly clear that the event would have to be cancelled. Despite this, we knew we wanted them to come back as soon as the situation improved and a suitable opportunity arose.

Jump forward to the summer of 2021, and as the UK emerged into a post-lockdown world we knew we had to get the Swing Commanders booked as soon as possible – the perfect way to celebrate the Folk Hall and the wider New Earswick community re-opening. We got in touch with them and shortly afterwards they were booked for 2nd of July 2022 – exactly two years and two months to the day from their cancelled show back in 2020.

Which brings us to the weekend just gone. “Wow!” simply doesn’t do it justice! From the very first number, everyone was on their feet singing and dancing. It was so good to have everyone back enjoying the fantastic atmosphere, and the Swing Commanders did not disappoint.

Once again we have to thank Roberts and Sons, who provided their top-notch Hog Roast (with veggie options) for those who wanted it! They set up outside the Folk Hall, so that throughout the evening people could pop out and grab a bit of gorgeous grub. We really cannot thank them enough for offering to do their Hog Roast and give our tired dancers a pick-me-up while they rested their weary feet!

At the end of the evening people kept coming up to let us know how much they had enjoyed the show, and could we please do it again! We even had some people come along that had been to see Swing Commanders multiple times, including someone who saw them just a couple of weeks ago. But don’t you worry, we want them back as well, so keep your eyes and ears open! Most certainly it will not be another two years and two months before we have them back, you can count on that.

Our thanks to everyone that came – we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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