What a Wheelie Good Day!

Wheels Day has been and gone and what a fantastic day it was! So many friendly and smiling faces turned out!

Organised by our very own Shane, he arranged for York City Knights to bring their mobile skate park to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. They brought a large selection of ramps of varying difficulties, along with a mix of scooters and skateboards for people to try for the first time or have a go with. Shane had even repaired a couple of older skateboards to give away!

What a FANTASTIC session!! Wheels day was a HUGE hit with children, young people and families. Once people were strapped up in the appropriate safety equipment they were off, zooming around. Thank you also to Amy for making sure we had plenty of water to keep people hydrated whilst the weather is so warm. At one point we counted 40 young people whizzing round ranging from about 6yrs-14yrs having a wild time. We were also very happy to hear how much people enjoyed the event:

“This is great to see, it’s bringing families together and giving kids something active to do. It’s so nice to see them having space to just be kids, it’s been a really tough couple of years”

“This is awesome!”

“My kids would come to this after school if there was something here all the time, they are always asking for things like this but there is nothing locally and it’s great for all ages. When you go to the one at Rowntree the 16yrs old are just there hanging out with their mates and it’s great, when my kid fell over last week they all ran to help him, it wasn’t the adults that helped”

We are delighted you enjoyed the event so well and don’t worry we will definitely be looking to either do this again or something similar in the future. We want to make sure there is always something going on at the Folk Hall for people to enjoy and get involved with.

We also have to share this fantastic photo of Shane, the face and smile of a man who got to play around with skateboards and scooters for the evening whilst at work!