Recycling at the Folk Hall Green Hub – July

Recycling is very important to us here at the Folk Hall, we want to be a place where we can support you to recycle and reduce waste. We are constantly looking to expand what you can recycle here and therefore we can push for a greener, cleaner and better planet for us all. 

2 large bin bags of crisp packs

3 large bin backs of tin foil

1 Medium size bad of biscuit wrapper

2 medium size bags of tooth paste & tooth pasted tubes

4 full medium size bags of pens to St.Nicks.

Chaffinch has collected 3 full large bin bags of different type of of bread wrappers and a medium size bag of coffee packets & terra-cycle cheese packaging!

Once again amazing work everyone!

For info on everything else we do regarding recycling visit our Green Hub page!

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