Recycling at the Folk Hall Green Hub – May

Recycling is very important to us here at the Folk Hall, we want to be a place where we can support you to recycle and reduce waste. We are constantly looking to expand what you can recycle here and therefore we can push for a greener, cleaner and better planet for us all. 

Have a look at a small snap shot of what you recycled last month below 👇

3 large full bin bags of empty crisp packets
1 large bin bag of biscuits wrappers
2 1/2 large bin bags of tin foil
5 large bin bags of aluminium cans

2 1/2 medium sized bin bags of tooth paste tubes
1 medium sized bag full of used pens
3 large bin bags of blister packs

For Chaffinch over the last two months we also collected a full large bin bag of used bread wrappers!

There was also lots of paper and cardboard recycled so thank you everyone for your amazing work!

2 thoughts on “Recycling at the Folk Hall Green Hub – May

  1. Recycling. When is the next opportunity to recycle Tetra paks? I have a sack of them here and I don’t have a car to take them to Clifton Moor or the nearest place.

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