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Yoga At the Folk Hall

Hatha Yoga blends dynamic and relaxed practices that encourage you to balance being assertive with receptive, outgoing with meditative, active with restful.

Each of the Hatha Yoga classes at the Folk Hall is unique, directed to meet the needs, strengths and potential of the people attending. Everyone, every body can join in regardless of age or ability. Yoga helps and invigorates everyone. One and a half hours to substantially improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

Wednesday morning class 9:30 – 11am

£6 drop in all abilities very welcome

Please give details of any conditions (eg sciatica, IBS, insomnia) you have in advance of class either by email, mobile 07875 209546 or by talking to Sonia before the session begins.

For more information please call the Folk Hall reception on: 01904 752211 or to learn more about Hatha Yoga and Sonia, have a look at Sonia’s website:

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