Green Hub

Recycling is very important to us here at the Folk Hall, we want to be a place where we can support you to recycle and reduce waste. We are constantly looking to expand what you can recycle here and therefore we can push for a greener, cleaner and better planet for us all. Throughout the building you will find a selection of recycling boxes, caddies and bins for you to recycle a range of items (See the table below) We also have the Help Yourself Shelf, a great community service to reduce food waste. All these small things can have a big impact if we all do them together.

Recycling Hub

In the corridor by our Orchard Hall is the Recycling Hub, the one stop shop for all things recycling. When we were putting together the Recycling Hub, the goal was to make one place where you can find the boxes, caddies and bins that you need for recycling. This includes paper and card, glass, plastic, pens, cans, batteries and much more.

What can you Recyle?Which box?Who it is for?
Paper and cardWhite BoxStandard Recycling
GlassWhite BoxStandard Recycling
PlasticWhite BoxStandard Recycling
CrispsWhite BoxSt. Nicks
Bread wrappers and Taylors coffee bags/pouches* White BoxChaffinch
Foil and cablesGreen CaddySNAPPY
PensPen CaddySt. Nicks
CansGreen BinCAN
Toothpaste tubes, plastic toothbrushes and electric toothbrush headsGreen CaddySt. Nicks
BatteriesBox at receptionStandard Recycling
Medication Blister PacksGreen CaddyMarie Curie
*Any brand of bakery plastic packaging such as bread wrappers & Warburtons waxed paper can be recycling as well

We love getting the community involved in recycling. Recently pupils of New Earswick Primary school took part in a poster competition and created some fantastic posters to promote the hub. The competition was to design a poster to display in the Folk Hall to show & encourage people using the Folk Hall what can re-cycled there. All the competition entries will be on display at the Folk Hall Recycling Event on 17th September.

Who we support?

As part of the recycling hub we also support a number of groups and help them in collecting certain items. Read below for more details of the groups and links to their web pages:


‘ Our ultimate aim is to create a nature corridor across York , linking JRHT residents and green spaces.’


‘We work to provide food, shelter and education to some of the most vulnerable children of Kibera – the largest urban slum in Africa.’


The Snappy Trust is a small charity, based in York, dedicated to maximising the personal development of children and young people with wide ranging disabilities.

St. Nicks

St Nicks does work throughout York, recycling the correct materials through the drop off point helps fund the work St Nicks do across York.

Marie Curie

Recycling medication blister packs raises funds for the Marie Curie who provide care and support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families. 

Help Yourself Shelf

When it comes to helping the environment, we can all make small changes to make a big difference. Here at the Folk Hall we have been offering surplus food and supermarket food waste free of charge on our ‘Help Yourself Shelf’. We have had a variety of donations from bread, tins of beans and some fresh vegetables so if you have a bag of pasta at the back of your cupboard that you know you are unlikely to use, why not bring it along to the Help Yourself Shelf and see what you can pick up.

Drop by to donate or take to reduce surplus food waste. The Help Yourself Shelf is open during the Folk Hall opening times:

Monday to Friday 9am-6pm      Saturday 9am-1.30pm

The Help Yourself Shelf can only take cupboard items that are within or close to the sell by date. Please do not donate any perishable food including anything that needs to be stored in a fridge or freezer. Contact for further information

Recycling Day

We have a fantastic Recycling Event coming up this September, if you have anything you want to recycle we can help you out: