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Recycling is very important to us here at the Folk Hall, we want to be a place where we can support you to recycle and reduce waste. We are constantly looking to expand what you can recycle here and therefore we can push for a greener, cleaner and better planet for us all. Throughout the building you will find a selection of recycling boxes, caddies and bins for you to recycle a range of items (See the table below). All these small things can have a big impact if we all do them together.

Recycling Hub

In the corridor by our Orchard Hall is the Recycling Hub, the one stop shop, for all things recycling. When we were putting together the Recycling Hub, the goal was to make one place where you can find the boxes, caddies and bins that you need for recycling. This includes paper and card, glass, plastic, pens, cans, batteries and much more.

What can you Recycle?Which box?Who it is for?
Paper and cardWhite BoxStandard Recycling
PlasticWhite BoxStandard Recycling
CrispsWhite BoxSt. Nicks
Bread wrappers and Taylors coffee bags/pouches*White BoxChaffinch
Aluminium FoilGreen CaddySt. Nicks
PensPen CaddySt. Nicks
CansGreen BinCAN
Toothpaste tubes, plastic toothbrushes and electric toothbrush headsGreen CaddySt. Nicks
BatteriesBox at receptionStandard Recycling
Used Postage StampsPaper EnvelopeRotary York Ainsty
Charging Leads, Power Cables and Mains CablesGreen CaddySt. Nicks
Seeds (All packs of seeds must be sealed and labelled)Paper EnvelopeCommunity Swap
Medicine Blister PacksWhite BoxSelby Recycling Centre
*Any brand of bakery plastic packaging such as bread wrappers & Warburtons waxed paper can be recycling as well

Please can any items you drop off for recycling be clean and put in the correct box.

Who we support?

As part of the recycling hub, we support a number of groups and help them in collecting certain items. Read below for more details of the groups and links to their web pages:


‘ Our ultimate aim is to create a nature corridor across York , linking JRHT residents and green spaces.’


‘We work to provide food, shelter and education to some of the most vulnerable children of Kibera – the largest urban slum in Africa.’

St. Nicks

St Nicks does work throughout York, recycling the correct materials through the drop off point helps fund the work St Nicks do across York.

Rotary York Ainsty

Collect your used stamps, give them to us – we will do the rest – and help create a world without barriers for people with sight loss, care of the RNIB.

In the first 6 months of 2023, the Folk Hall collection of bread wrappers, along with others, has raised a total of £128 for Chaffinch. To put this into perspective that is enough to provide over 375 hot nutritious meals for the children we support in the slums of Nairobi or over 500 loaves of bread (empty bread bags
become fresh bread!)

What amazing work and hopefully we can continue to build upon this!

New Earswick Helping Hands and Rotary Shoe Swap

New Earswick Helping Hands is a local group run by volunteers. You can support the work they do by donating store cupboard items, toiletries or good condition children’s shoes in the donation boxes at the Folk Hall.

New Earswick Helping Hands offer the food share pantry at the Warm Place every Friday from 2-5pm at the Quaker Meeting House, where everyone is welcome to enjoy free hot drinks and a place to relax (see poster for more details).

Rotary York Ainsty collect pre-loved children’s shoes and work in partnership with local community groups including New Earswick Helping Hands to share these with local families. You can make a donation in the boxes at the Folk Hall.

Thank you for any donations you make and for supporting these local groups.

For more information or to share any feedback please contact

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