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Wheels Day

Is your child begging to be the next Tony Hawk or Sky Brown?

Why not bring them down to the New Earswick Folk Hall on Tuesday the 21st of June, 4pm to 6pm.

As part of GO Skateboarding Day, the Folk Hall will be providing a small mobile skatepark with skateboards and scooters to ride for kids who would like to give these sports a GO!

With a small loop track with tutors onsite this will be a fun evening event to keep them entertained and inspired after school. The loop track is being provided by York City Knights. There will also be helmets and appropriate safety equipment provided for all users. If you have your own skateboard, rollerskates or scooter please feel free to bring them along.

Skateboarding has been around since the early 60s when they had clay wheels and very narrow trucks where they were taken off the bottom of rollerskates, it was a way for the surfers to get the same feeling on the land

Get rolling on Tuesday 21st of June at 4pm till 6pm at the Folk Hall.


Skateboarding is a sport that discriminates no age group, that being said you should assess your level of fitness and stability. Skateboarding is usually safe for children aged 6 and above, with adult supervision and the correct skateboard protection such as helmets, knee and elbow pads.

Should you be inspired, there is the York Rowntree Park for you to put your newly acquired skills to the test!

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